Terra Bianca

Chabrouh, Lebanon

Terra bianca

Expected: TBA
TerraBianca is a project that consists of three main parts: Bungalows and chalets. Boutique hotel. Private villas.
The contemporary unite design create privacy between the functions while working together at the same time to create one whole unite.
The project is a cluster of villas on different levels linked by stairs, roads and squares creating the Lebanese village spirit inside the project.
Creating courts between the chalets and bungalows in order to let the space breath and to increase the interaction between the different users.
The materials used in this project are: Laminated wood. Basalt / Slate volcanic. White local stone. Local stone flemish
The program is divided into indoor facilities (restaurants, bungalows, chalets, boutique hotel, villas,..) and outdoor facilities (pool, courts, playing spaces, gathering spaces,...)
Common court between the villas creating another public place for gathering, playing and interaction.