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About Us


macroEpsilon atelier was founded in 2006 by Chady Bteich and partners. It is grounded in the shared belief that good design is the marriage of intellectual ideas and rigorous, functional problem-solving. Form and structure, when in the service of compelling design, become powerful and enduring tools of expression. macroEpsilon atelier proceeds from this belief to achieve a synthesis of program, site, budget and technology. Our process-oriented approach revolves around an ongoing client dialogue that defines key project parameters. Architectural solutions emerge in a concept driven studio environment, where the design team tests functional scenarios, challenges conventional form making, and pushes design ideas beyond predictable limits. macroEpsilon atelier encompasses architects, planners, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and Graphic Designers. This creative and collaborative approach applies to the whole building process, including: Brief – Design – Construction – Aftercare services