At MACROEPSILON our approach to smart design offers solutions that are innovative, effective, and culturally significant. Our creative answers result in environments that have a positive impact on our communities and our clients.


Our combined design capabilities allow us to approach projects creatively by collaboratively working with our clients to provide them with solutions that are innovative and holistic.


Every  project is designed with sustainability in mind. It’s a part of our design process and fundamental to our process of developing smart design solutions.


Specializing in the design of new and renovated spaces, we are here to help clients determine their project needs and overall aesthetic goals.

We believe in the power of
intelligence, intuition and interconnection
to design a better world.

We build places that resonate and endure.
We design with deep respect for our planet’s resources.
We celebrate our clients’ unique cultures.
We embrace diversity and promote social responsibility.

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Jeita, Sector 3, Street 6, Ground Floor, Bteich Bldg
Kesserwan, Lebanon
Phone : +961 3 878610
Email : info@macroepsilon.com